6 Must go places in Andamans

1.Cellular Jail:


Where: Port Blair
Cellular Jail, also known as “Kala Paani” (Hindi for Black Waters) served as prison used by British immediately after 1857 War of Independence.
Today, it serves as a National Memorial Monument.
What to do:
See the “Light and Sound Show”, exploration, photography

2.Carbyns Cove Beach:


Where: Port Blair
Only local beach of Port Blair
A beautiful beach with mesmerising views and also a spot for some shopping of shells and other products.
What to do
: Water sports like jet ski, speed boat, surfing, swimming

3.North Bay Island


Where: South Andaman
The picture on INR 20 currency is the same beach and the lighthouse seen at          North Bay Island.
Famous for coral reefs.
What to do: 
Water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking, glass boat ride,      shopping of pearls, sea shells, shell accessories.

4.Ross Island


Where: South Andaman
Historical importance; Ross Island served as Japanese Bunkers between 1942-1945, now under Indian Navy’s control.
Ross Island itself is Indian Navy; it was this Island that saved Port Blair from disappearing from map in December 2004.
What to do: 
Sightseeing, photography, knowing the stories of the past by the only lady guide there, be amazed to the sight of many deer and peacocks roaming everywhere.

5.Havelock Island


Where: South Andaman
Famous for beautiful white sand beaches and coral reefs.
What to do: 
Scuba diving, snorkelling, beach walking, spotting the sunset on Radhanagar Beach.



Where: Kodiyaghat, South Andaman
Perfect spot for sunset view.Home to various different species of birds. 
What to do:
Sunset viewing, bird watching

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