Travel bug and me:Happily Ever After

Are you an enthusiastic trip planner, like me?

Do you travel a place through pictures and internet before actually being there?
Is it only me or others too, who as soon as they come back from a trip, start to plan another or at least fantasise about another trip or can’t wait to pack their bags again just to travel?

Well, it happens to me every time. No matter how long or how good my last trip was, as soon as I come back I start planning other.

Even if I’m working and for a minute or two I open facebook or any other websites that has anything related to tourism, my concentration flies off to that beautiful place only through the pictures. Well, photographers do an epic task.

I feel if I’m able to travel a place by somebody’s pictures, they are photographers by heart.


I’d especially like thank such photographers through whose pictures I can travel to places where I might not be able to go for a long time, because my bucket list of “Places to travel” is really long. My bucket list weights quite a lot, mostly because of my list of places to travel and things to buy!

Speaking of which, I have two trips lined up in February 2018, back to back. Out of the two, one is an international trip. It’ll be my first international trip. Although, this country is very much in my reach as it’s very close to my home but I’m super excited, thrilled, elevated, electrified and everything that I can think of. I’m waiting for the day when I’ll feel butterflies in my belly, which will be 7th February 2018!!!

I’m browsing all the websites for accommodations, yet I haven’t decided on one. I’ve made a list of places to go, what to see, what to do, what to eat, the weather during the time I’ll be in that country. I’m not disclosing where I’m going because I will be blogging later. I might also post a vlog about the trip, but I’m not sure about it.
I have also made a shopping list for the trip. I need to buy a lot of stuff.

Trust me planning a trip is a tedious task for a person like me who loves to travel all the time! I try to cut down on hotels as my main purpose is to travel, explore and know the place. But yes, sometimes I even take on places with zero compromise on everything. I feel travelling both ways is important to realise its true essence.

I have been bitten by travel bug, and its incurable, I’d suffer with it happily ever after.
Would you?
Me and my travel stories <|3 live and will live happily ever after!