Ross Island: The Island that stood still

I see a lot of dual tone cars these days on roads, how would it feel to have dual toned skin types??
Think, think!!

Post scuba diving, I have to change; now I’m wearing my hot pants! Seems cool, well I’m shocked because a very prominent line separates my tanned skin to my normal skin!! Well, I take it as a mark of scuba diving. I’m still rocking in it!

I have to board M.V Saroj again, which is arriving to pick us and take us to Ross Island which is the second island I’m going to visit.

I’ve boarded and I’ve got an amazing seat. Front seat, extreme left. Best part of this seat is that you can actually feel how fast the vessel is moving, and it feels like the vessel is swinging sideways (because of waves perhaps), and every now and then ocean water splashing on to passengers. It’s a great experience.

I can see Ross Island now.


Ross Island, once served as Japanese bunkers from 1942-1945, is now controlled by the Indian Navy. Also, the colonial capital of Andaman and Nicobar during those times.  It was this Island that took on harsh Tsunami waves of December 2004 and saved Port Blair from almost disappearing from the map. So, Ross Island is itself Indian Navy in a way!

I’m at Ross Island now. I have collected my entry tickets, and I’m starving. I located a food joint and had some light snacks. I’m a vegetarian so I had, samosa and tea, a lot of people are having fish that’s looking really good to me but I can’t have it..oops!
Let’s move now. Happy tummy, happy me.

I’m walking now, and wait .. what??? I see a deer! In open, nobody said it’s going to be a safari. Duh? Oh wait, there are a lot of deer. I have never seen deer in open ground. Island can have them though, and they are friendly, if you don’t mess with them.


Now, I’m seeing peacocks, a lot of peacocks. Candy to my eyes.


So, I see this old lady, who is the only guide of Ross Island(make sure you find her and listen to her if you want to know everything about Ross Island) , who is telling about it’s history.
Interestingly, she once as a child lived here; it was her home during 19th Century.
You know what’s more interesting? One of the many peacocks, I think the most beautiful one is familiar to the voice of that lady, it actually follows her wherever she goes.
She basically, talks and feeds all the animals there and the animals, listen to her and love her.
I managed to follow that peacock, and click a picture with it, yaiiee!!


Now, I’ve walked like 500 meters on an inclined plane, and there is a huge church, ruins of a British Church. The church once had a big bell, the sound of which was so robust that it could travel all through the ocean till Port Blair. But, today, all remains is a herculean building standing tall telling stories of the old.


There’s a little beach on the backside of the island, which is absolutely picturesque, do not miss this. There are a lot of trees as old as fifty decades that have now spread their roots to a few remaining walls of the island, looks like an absolute masterpiece.


The sun is about to set, and the vessel is honking for the passengers to board so it could drop us at DSS.

A day well spent. I have a lot of things racing on my mind, I’ll jot it down in my travel journal.

I have something for historical places. When I reach such kind of places, I can feel the story of that place flashing in the back of my mind, it’s a great feeling. It makes me want to time travel and see everything, being a part of all the stories. It happens to me always.

I have never asked anybody if they feel this way, or how they feel. I’d love to know how others think about it.