Last Day in Andaman’s

It’s my second last day in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. I have to check out from my hotel in Port Blair and check in to a resort in South Andaman so I can just relax for a day and then leave for Delhi tomorrow.

I have reached my resort in South Andaman, The Oceanus Resort.


“A beautiful and serene resort, away from all the hustle and bustle of the main island city. A perfect place to relax after a long trip.”


I’ve checked in, and now I’m in my cottage. A cute little wooden cottage with all that’s necessary. Like my cottage, there are around ten more cottages. Here, it completely feels like living on an island. The Indian ocean touches the resort’s boundary with it’s small and big waves, splashing crabs of different sizes on the coast rocks, watering the tall coconut and all the greens around.


Many people from different resorts come here for fishing, which is organised by the resort’s helpers.

Its 3PM IST and now I’m leaving for Chidiyatapu (If we convert it in English, It means Bird’s island) to witness the best Sunset of South Andaman. A lot of people also come here to find different and rare species of birds.

I have reached Chidiyatapu, sunset point, it’s always better to reach early and take the best spot because as it gets closer to the time of sunset, the place becomes crowded.

A lot of beautiful birds are flying over, but I’m not here for them, but many people like bird watch too.

Past 5PM IST, I start to see the clouds, the sun, the hills, the ocean preparing for an enchanting view that I’m here for. As the sunset affair starts, a small fishing boat comes in line with the sun’s rays on the ocean surface.

Ultimately, everyone comes to a standstill when the sun has conspired with all the divine entities around us to enchant everyone like never before.


“ When the sky seems to glow,
when the ocean seems to sparkle,
for the sun is setting in the hope of a brighter day,
when it comes back again next day,
defeating darkness.”


I witnessed the best sunset in my life so far. The sun has set, and I can still picture it in my eyes, that picture will stay in my heart forever.

I’m back to my resort, lying on a hammock, having fresh coconut water, the breeze is pleasing, thinking about the beautiful sunset that I witnessed a few hours ago. I’m taking in all that I have experienced here for the past three days. If I get a chance, this is one of those places I’d love to come back to.

Tomorrow is my last day on this alluring island. I have no plan for tomorrow other than boarding my flight on time and take in every part of beauty that the island shares. I feel a part of me will stay here at Andaman that will make me want to come back here soon!

Goodbye until next time!