Chilly Winters not so Chilly

I’m really disappointed with winters this time in Delhi. It is after five years I’m here at my home, still waiting for the real winter chills, uncontrollable chattering teeth and all the beautiful things about winters.

Remember “Pyaar mera dilli ki sardi”(Delhi winter is my love).

Remember touching your pal’s cheek with your ice cold hands, pulling the sleeves of your woollens in order to cover your fingers too, because wearing gloves wasn’t in fashion, getting scared of even the thought of bathing early morning to get ready for school, sitting on the ice cold lavatory’s throne, washing your hands with cold water when you forgot to turn on the geyser…??
Well there are so many things that I can keep going with but would leave on you to think for now!!

Remember being happy to a be cloud-breathing dragon in early mornings of winters while waiting for school bus, competing with friends on who is better at being cloud-breathing dragons.
Cloud-breathing dragons, like when we exhale and see vapour coming out of our mouths!!
Remember a group of guards and other people on road taking warmth from the little fire they just made. Thinking if we can do that too. Well, I did. Ever seen a desi Indian fireplace or I should call it an “angeethi” (a traditional brazier)? It was the time when the temperatures got as low as 10 degrees perhaps in Delhi during winters, and electric braziers or heaters didn’t work, my superhero, daddy darling got a traditional brazier and wooden coal. We started using the brazier then. “Ahh”, so warm it was!
I don’t feel the need of that anymore, nor do I see it being used in future!


A lot of things have changed.
One thing didn’t change though….bathing rules! Alternate days bathing system! This rule varies with different people.

I miss my winters.

I miss my rain.

I miss the old Delhi.

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