Cheers to 2018


Hello Everyone!
Happy New year to all of you! I hope and wish that everyone had a great start to 2018, and will be have a great year ahead. Be strong, don’t lose hope, nothing is impossible. Even the most successful person sees a lot of ups and down, after all nobody rises without falling. You can do whatever you wish to; you just need to figure out what is that one (or more) thing that gives you immense happiness and pleasure. Once you figure that out, trust me, you will rock it!

Even wishing to do something is getting as close as figuring out what you want.
2018, has begun.
We all have come a long way.

I hope everyone is back to their monotonous or maybe exciting lives and trying to stick to their New Year resolutions, some must be still working on their resolutions (haha! Like me), some must have given up on making any resolutions because they find it hard to stick to them.

This year don’t make resolutions to break them, make resolutions to stick to them! Get Real, Know Yourself!

2017, for me was roller coaster ride. I saw a lot of things.

  1. I took a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which I never even had on my bucket list. It was a major for me. That trip was a turning point for me. That trip actually gave birth to my hidden writer, photographer and an avid traveller.
  2. I resigned from one of the biggest MNCs of India. That was not a nice phase, I had different plans, but things weren’t going the way I thought. Eventually, I coped up with it.
  3. I travelled more, after I left my job, I travelled to Uttarakhand, India for religious purposes.
  4. I read a few books like, the eighth book of Harry Potter, I read Paulo Coelho for the first time, and fell in love with his writing and a few more.
  5. I realised even the closest person to you could hurt you in the most unexpected ways. At times, we need to around and be sure of the people with you. If you aren’t sure, just leave them and move on. It’s going o be difficult, but it’d be worth it.
  6. I started this blog in December, 2017 and I love what I’m doing right now.

I have a list of things that I have to stick to in 2018 and beyond; 2018 Resolutions:

  1. Travel more. I have already planned for two trips in February; one is in my country and one is International.
  2. I have to blog, a lot. I have a lot of stuff to blog, but I just need to sit and write.
  3. I want to read more this year. I’m still researching on to what I should read, so suggest me if anything if you want. I’ll try to read it.
  4. I need to work-out. I have to get a perfect physique, which is very difficult for me! I’ve tried thrice but I ended up paying money at gyms and leaving them. No more doing that.
  5. Be sure of the kind of people around me. Cut-off with the ones who seem to be a threat to my or my family’s happiness.
  6.  Make realistic goals.

As of now, I have all these in my list. The list might extend, if I remember anything else that I figure out later.

2017 was a year of major ups and down. I wish to make the best of 2018 and I’m working on it.

A very Happy New Year once again to everyone!
Happy first weekend of 2018!!