Born and brought up in Delhi-NCR, got my higher education from a college in Dehradun, India, became a full-fledged engineer in March ’15.
When it was time for me to think about what I would pursue after school, then, only doctors, engineers and maybe teachers were amongst the most respected professions in India as considered in a middle class family, like the one I come from.

So, yes, I became an engineer.  I worked as a software engineer for two years March ’15 – April ’17. I had a six figure salary, I could buy whatever I wish to, go wherever I wish to, do whatever I wish to but after completing my 9 – 5 everyday inside a box!! I’m pretty sure many people would love to have this, but unfortunately or fortunately I wasn’t one of them.

I always knew something was missing. I wanted to run away from my 9 – 5 job, leave the six figure salary and just travel, write, click pictures, paint and read beautiful novels. Travel, because I love to. It makes me feel free from all the obligations of the world, feel connected to the world, to the nature, to the ocean waves, to the wind, to the skies and stars of different places, to the dogs of different streets, to everything that’s outside my 9 – 5 box.

I have been travelling a lot, from the time I was a baby, not because my dad had a transferable job but my family loved to go to new places. I have travelled a lot, only in India so far though. By the way friends, if your dad had a transferable job it doesn’t mean you love to travel, unless you actually did.

So basically, I’m an engineer who travels, paints, writes and reads to free myself from all the obligations of the world and be happy.

Through this blog, you’ll hear my travel stories, see my art works and my future travel plans. Also, I would like you to tell me about yourself, your travel stories, if you like travelling, your art, if you love it, the books you read,  the places you would like to go.

I hope to hear from all of you all the time, because YOU, are my inspiration for moving ahead.

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